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Kama Sutra Positions

The ancient Hindus have a well-developed literary tradition that focuses on the art and science of achieving rewarding sex. The most well known sex positions can be found in the Kama Sutra.

There are several Kama Sutra positions worth recommending in the quest for sexual pleasure: the traditional woman on her back, man on top position; man on his back, woman on top position; and woman with her back to the man.

Here are several uniquely named and loosely translated Kama Sutra positions to unleash your most primal desires.

Kama Sutra Position #1

Putting On The Sock Go ahead try saying it without bursting with laughter or better yet let your imagination run wild. ‘Putting on the sock’ does not refer to the man covering his penis with a sock. Actually, it refers to a very erotic technique with the woman on her back the man sits between her legs and puts his penis at the entrance of her vagina. Slowly caressing her vagina he replaces his fingers with his penis. The continued stroking will leave her incredibly wet, wild and on the verge of an orgasm. The man brings the erotic torture to an end by thrusting into the woman giving her what she truly craves.

Kama Sutra Position #2

The Blacksmith’s Posture In this Kama Sutra position the woman lies down and drawing her knees to her torso pushing her vagina forward creating a scintillating view. The man then begins the game of teasing her madly by inserting and withdrawing his penis. Obviously, this Kama Sutra position helps the man maintain a longer erection. Supposedly, this movement imitates the blacksmith who ‘draws the hot iron from the fire…’ The best thing is that this Kama Sutra position can lead to scorching sex.

Kama Sutra Position #3

Ostrich’s Tail With the woman on her back, the man kneels at her feet and then raises her legs until only her head and shoulders remain on the bed or floor. After he enters her she can then put her legs around his head. Her raised legs give the impression of being spread out—like an ostrich's tail. This sensual Kama Sutra position benefits both partners by allowing them to slowing build up to an orgasm.

Kama Sutra Position #4

Yawning Position In this Kama Sutra position the woman on her back, raises and widely spreads her legs as the man eagerly enters her vagina. This position allows the man and woman to share the intimacy of pleasure by gazing into each others eyes. The woman can also caress her breasts adding to the visual stimulation.

Of course, I would love to write that these Kama Sutra positions provide earth-shattering orgasms for everyone. The fact is these positions are truly for athletic and adventurous individuals. That's not to say that a modified version wouldn't benefit everyone, so why not give them a try.

Sam Fields

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