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Become a Love God

How's the following for a great background scetch of yourself...

You're able to hold a conversation that keeps her attention both outside as well as inside the bedroom.

You've got a laid-back way about you which exudes confidence and self-assuredness. On top of that, you've got a passion for certain things and pleasing here in the bedroom happens to be one of them that lucky girl.

Somehow, someway you possess a unique "sexiness" that seems to be silently picked up by women just because of the look in your eyes.

And last but not the least, you're amazing in bed...I mean if they can walk when you're done then you don't know your business right?

Are you a Love God?

Frankly, if you're doubting yourself then you have a big problem. Whether you’re actually bad in bed or just low on confidence, I can’t say nor do I know. But I know one thing...bad lovers and good lovers can both become great lovers.

The root of the problem lies in the very simple fact that it takes a lot of experience to know if a woman has an orgasm or if she’s faking it. And even experienced men can’t always tell if the woman’s faking it or not. Bottom line: you can never be sure that your sexual performance is top quality.

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And that’s even before we take into account slip ups and “that time” when you were too tired or too stressed or you had too much to drink and, well, you know what happened. Unfortunately, these things can erode a man’s peace of mind and confidence and make him suspicious of his lady’s behavior, even if he shouldn’t be. Some times are good and some times are bad and there’s little you can do about it. Loosing confidence in yourself and throwing good self-esteem out the window just because of a slip up is not the way to deal with this.

Okay then, put all the blame to stress. Stress is one of the great “sex killers” nowadays because no man can truly enjoy himself if he keeps thinking about deadlines, bosses, nasty co-workers or credit card debt. We do live in a stressful world and the modern fashion that surrounds a man with dozens of machines in order to allow him to work harder and harder everyday is doing it’s best to ruin sex around the world. I’m sure that many men who have to resort to Viagra would do better to try and relax a little and take things easier.

Aside from its direct impact on performance, stress has some side effects that are just as bad. Some men take to drinking because of it. It always starts small, since going out with the guys is fun and, hey, we’re just having a few beers. Before you know it the number of beers grows and the “evenings out” turn into “nights out”. Small wonder that a stressed man with a significant quantity of alcohol in his body is not performing in bed as usual. Men need to recognize the early signs of stress in their lives and take control of the situation.

Remember that once you’ve started asking questions about your performance you could easily slide into a pattern where low self esteem triggers a failure, which, in turn, sends self esteem even lower and so on. Try to be a bit more positive about things. You were probably tired or stressed. Or you may need to learn some new positions and break the bedroom routine a bit. Lovecentria™ contains the very best in video, written and interactive sexual advice to ensure that bedroom faux pas are a thing of the past.

Sam Fields

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