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Maximizing Male Potency

Whether at work or under the cover, men are under constant pressure to perform.

Unfortunately, both men and women can place too much importance on this, and search out the fastest, easiest answers. Fortunately there's an alternative.

Men will try most anything they read about, hear about or are told in order to not only improve their potency ... but improve also their sex drive and ability to perform.

Arming yourself with information on the newest natural options, men can choose the best alternatives to maximize their male potency.

Something's Fishy with Viagra

By now if you've heard of Bob Dole you've heard of Viagra. But have you heard of Irukandji?

This soft and toxic jellyfish may soon be giving Viagra, and men everywhere, a very hard time. A sting from Irukandji causes intense pain in the limbs, cramps, vomiting, difficulty breathing, anxiety, and sometimes cardiac and lung problems.

However, it also causes prolonged erection. Currently, this is a lousy trade off. Realizing this, Australian researcher Lisa Gershwin is attempting to separate the erection-causing feature. But don't be tossing your little blue pills just yet. More Irukandji need to be studied before an impotency medication can be manufactured.

X-Rated Gum

Those wanting to build stronger more healthy sperm now have more options than loose boxers and cool temperatures. A simple green African plant may boost the power of the troops down under. Call it a miracle. Call it the khat plant.

Lab tests at London's King College have found that sperm treated with cathine, a chemical in khat, became fertile faster and stayed that way longer. Though so far the studies are only on mice and rabbits, early human tests suggest a similar result. But before you get too excited, it's worthwhile knowing that potency through khat's cathine is currently the domain of researchers. Why? Munching on khat has potentially dangerous side effects like delusions and elevated pulse and blood pressure. Due to this, the current focus is on finding the right cathine concentration, and making sure it's safe for more than mice.

A Breath of Fresh Air

Occasional impotence is common and often caused by anxiety. Long term failure to function, though, is another matter.

According to the UK's Sexual Dysfunction Association: "Until about 20 years ago, erectile dysfunction was considered to be caused almost entirely by psychological factors but we now know that physical conditions are present in about 75% of male sufferers." So unless you're very young or very stressed, male impotence is probably not in your head. However, it may be in your glans.

The glans, or head of the penis, needs a strong and constant flow of blood to stay stiff. This requires effective circulation. In short, if your blood isn't moving neither will your penis. Speedier circulation can be gained through a healthy diet and aerobic exercise. Deep breathing is another way to circulate. By bringing more blood to the lungs, more blood goes to the heart. This is a sweat-free way to strengthen both blood flow and phallus.

PC Doesn't stand for Politically Incorrect

Finding and working the PC, or pubococcygeus muscle, is a sure way to satisfy you and your partner. If you've ever had to stop in mid-stream while urinating, you've already exercised it. This muscle has another use. Training it develops sexual power. Authors of The Multi-Orgasmic Man; Mantak Chia and Douglas Abrams Arava, state that training this muscle helps "strengthen your erections, intensify your orgasms, and separate your orgasms from ejaculation." To pump this muscle up, first locate it. Most men feel this muscle at their perineum, behind the testicles and ahead of the anus. Now inhale and focus on the prostate, perineum and anus. Next exhale and squeeze the muscle around your anus and prostate. Then release and relax. According to The Multi-Orgasmic Man, this exercise should be repeated 9 to 36 times.

Male Potency Plus

Though it often takes center stage, the penis an overrated performer. Satisfying a woman also involves foreplay and sensitivity to her needs. No matter how potent you are, if these two things aren't also considered your partner will be looking at her watch rather than into your eyes.

Jim Shaw

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