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I became aware of Maxoderm through a conversation I had with my friend Max.

Max is an internet junkie of sorts ... always looking to fix things wrong with his miserable existence he casually refers to as his life.

Maxies just a regular guy, probably like you ... trying to make sense of his love life ... but if I have to hear another "why do women (fill in the blank)?" I think I'm going to puke all over his Nike's.

You know, men want to be larger than life, it makes us feel good. And when we feel good about ourselves... well, let's just say the world is in perfect order and we happen to be the king of it.

Being good in bed, is something every man wants and you know it.

I've never heard any man say something like "You know Sam, I wish I just wasn't good in the sack ... it's really a curse ... I'm only one man ..."

Well... this is one of those stories...

Mad Max-oderm

During one of our conversations on the golf course, I brought up the subject of penis enlargement and how exactly some men can decide to undergo the knife in order to even have a chance of increasing their size. That's when Max told me about a product he had read in a man's magazine. Actually, he told me he saw an ad ... and decided to check it out.

Mad Max-oderm it seems had been using Maxoderm for nearly 4 weeks when he told me this. "Well ... what's the scoop on it?" I asked as I bent over to get my ball out of the cup ...

"Sam, you're not going to believe this ... but it really works."

"Yeah right ... it's all in your head" I quipped back.

"No Sam ... I'm telling you it really works because of the science behind it. It really makes sense."

Penis Enlargement Pitchman

Max then instantly transformed into T.V. pitchman Ron Popeil and proceeded to tell me all of the wonders of the Maxoderm product. "It's really the only natural, fast-acting topical lotion designed to instantly enhance erection quality and firmness ... while at the same time intensifying your orgasm for the ultimate sexual performance experience!"

"Does it slice and dice and make Juliann fries" I stated as my head swiveled around looking for a television crew ....

"I'm telling you Sam ... to my knowledge, Maxoderm's targetted delivery system immediately reaches the desired area directly upon application maximizing its absorption ... it results in a performance to be proud of each and every time. I'm a huge fan of Maxoderm."

"Nice pun ... does it make your hands larger as well?" I retorted back.

We finished the round and I'd like to say that like that goofy Bob in the Enzyte commericals, Max was swinging large and driving it straight .... but he wasn't. He really sucks at golf and Maxoderm didn't help him a bit on the course.

Hung Jury?

I was leary about the product so I checked out their website. And I must say, I was impressed.

I read all about their "targetted delivery system", and how it maximizes erection quality and pleasure. Why even one user reported that since he's been using Maxoderm, his girlfriend has multiple orgasms each time they have sex. But what piqued my interest was the urologist's recommendations. ... though his "actual" recommendation wasn't listed on the website.

Looks like I'm gonna have to take some Maxoderm out for a test spin ... hey, the editors always like it when I review a product!

Until I do though ... it's still a hung jury when it comes whether Maxoderm can work for everyone.

Sorry ... I just couldn't pass up one more punchline.

Sam Fields

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