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Are Pheromones For Real?

Most men aren't too picky when it comes to their own personal hygiene.

In fact, if you happen to be in college you'll agree that guys will wear clothes for days on end.

Most college men at one time or another will "sniff the pits" of their shirt to see if there's some funk..and if it passes the test...they'll put it back on.

All college aged men should thank their personal God that alcohol consumption alters the female sense of smell.

Actually...that smelly shirt in your closet you get a whiff of when you open the door can actually be considered part of an experiment currently taking place in laboratories across the US.

Those experiements have to do with a substance called pheromones.

Pheromones are chemical substances produced by an animal and serves especially as a stimulus to other individuals of the same species for one or more behavioral responses. They are also referred to as ectohormones.

To the scientist, pheromones act in a very different way from normal smells. Some years ago, researchers discovered the existence of a small organ in the nose of many animals (known as the VNO), which has a direct affect on social behavior. What makes this discovery important is that the VNO/pheromone effect is not dependent on any conditioning through experience...It directly passes the blood-brain barrier.

If a man has sex with a particular woman regularly over a long period of time, and on every occasion she wears a particular cologne, gradually this scent will acquire the power of stimulating (attracting) the man all on its own. It is then very likely that any woman wearing this cologne will be perceived as attractive to the man. This is a pheromone-like reaction but in the strict definition of the word is NOT a pheromone reaction! It is acquired conditioning, similar to that of Pavlov's salivating dogs.

Pheromones do not depend on such associations with prior experience to do their work. They utilize a special organ (the VNO), which is separate from the normal smelling process.

There is still much arguing about the presence of this VNO in humans, but it is well accepted that pigs and cows in the vicinity of the sex pheromones of their species will be rendered "in the mood" even if they have no sexual experience, as long as the VNO is intact.

If this VNO is damaged, sex will only take place if the animal has prior sexual experience. In this case the pheromones are still acting as a sexual attractant, but only because they remind the target of previous sexual encounters.

Take that Masters and Johnson.

Jim Shaw

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