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Sexual Dysfunction

Sexual dysfunction is a disorder that can affect both men and women at virtually any time in their lifetime. There are many different aspects to sexual dysfunction that include physical and mental problems that can include:

  • inability to become aroused
  • An overactive sex drive
  • The inability to become interested in sex
  • A fear of sex and intimacy

Sexual dysfunction can occur once in a personís lifetime, or it can be a recurring problem that has an adverse affect on the relationships that a person has with a sexual partner.

Sex Dysfunction Symptoms

The symptoms of sexual dysfunction are wide and varied and are experienced in different ways by each person. Some of the sexual dysfunctions that women can experience include: the inability to become aroused or to respond in a sexual way to erotic stimulations, the inability to experience an orgasm even though she is feeling aroused, and spasms that occur in the vagina which make sexual intercourse painful or impossible.

Some of the sexual dysfunctions that men can experience include: erectile dysfunction (where the male is unable to sustain an erection or is unable to achieve one), the inability to stay sexually aroused long enough to have an orgasm and premature ejaculation (where the male loses control of his response ejaculation). Although they symptoms of sexual dysfunction differ in men and women the result is the same: the inability to enjoy sexual relations with their partner.

Sexual Dysfunction Help

There are many different types of solutions that are available to help those suffering from a sexual dysfunction. Some of these solutions include:

  • Medical prescriptions. There are several products that can be used under the care of a doctor to help alleviate the symptoms of sexual dysfunction. Some of these medications include Viagra, Levitra, and Cialis. With a doctorís advice many men can experience positive sexual encounters with their partner.
  • Natural supplements. Natural supplements are gaining popularity among people that want to stay away from prescription medication. Some of these natural supplements to cure sexual dysfunction include Tongkat Ali, Maca, and DHEA.
  • Alternative treatments. More and more people that are suffering from sexual dysfunction are looking for alternative treatments to their problem. Some of the treatments that can be helpful include Bach Flower Remedies, acupuncture, and hypnotherapy or self-hypnosis.

With so many different alternate methods available to treat sexual dysfunction men and women can find some relief for their problem. In cases where one treatment doesnít work, a variety of methods may be incorporated. However if prescription medication is used in tandem with another method, a doctor will have to be consulted first to discuss any possible interaction.

Research continues to look for cures for the relief and alleviation of sexual dysfunction problems in men and women. One of the areas where there is strong research is in the use of Chinese medication to enhance the sexual performance of both men and women. Some Chinese herbs have proven to naturally raise the testosterone levels of men, improving their sexual performance.

Many times, some form of counseling may be recommended to help people work through some feelings and thoughts that they have about sex that could be inhibiting their ability to perform sexually. There are counselors who specialize in the treatment of sexual disorders that can be of assistance to those men and women who suffer from sexual dysfunction

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