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Sexual Relationship Advice

What's the best sexual relationship help and advice one get get?

It all starts with what's inside ...

For normal sexual function, we need both healthy organs and a balanced, working endocrine system, producing the necessary hormones.

Low pituitary function may lead to decreased development of the sexual organs, early menopause in women, and impotence in men. Weak adrenals may reduce the desire and strength for sex and increase sensitivity to stress. Low thyroid may cause a lack of desire or capacity for sex. In men, low testicular function decreases sex drive and sperm production.

For a fulfilling sexual relationship, women particularly need to feel love and to have energy without fatigue, a hormonal balance that allows peaceful emotions, and some level of relaxation with a good sex drive. Men need good circulation to create a penile erection, physical vitality, and good hormone function. Lust often encourages more passionate sex. This is most common early in a relationship, when fantasy and sensuality arouse the sexual desires of both sexes. But for a longer run and repeat performances, some other qualities must be present in the relationship.

A big obstacle to a longer-range satisfying sexual relationship is boredom or complacency. Becoming used to each other, along with the little day-to-day irritations or conflicts, can easily interfere with the sexual energy of either or both partners, and soon, sex may be a rare occurrence, decreasing in frequency from daily or weekly to monthly or even less often. Bringing a feeling of freshness, fantasy, romance, and new energy into the relationship and bedroom will often revive the sex life. Creativity in a relationship is important.

There is no reason why sexual activity has to decrease in later years, though for most people, it usually does become less frequent. The changes that come with age still allow sexual function; realistically, however, it is not the same as it is in a young person. Men usually have less decrease or a less distinct cutoff in testosterone hormone levels, which are more necessary for their sexual function. As long as there is good circulation and cardiovascular health, both sexes can maintain a good sex life. Obesity, poor diet, mental and emotional stress, and cardiovascular disease are some common conditions that can interfere with sexual vitality.

The Chinese have a concept about the frequency of ejaculation and orgasm for men in the book The Tao of Sex.

According to their theory, men are meant to have frequent erections, lots of sex, and only rare orgasms. Regular ejaculations drain the kidney/adrenal chi (energy) and possibly lead to fatigue, decreased vitality, or lower back weakness in men. When the adrenals are weakened, there is also lower ability to handle stress. Men can learn to have more complete orgasms without ejaculation with special techniques described in the book. And if the man is not releasing all the time, he will have more sexual vitality to satisfy his partner.

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