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Sleep Aids

You toss and turn at night trying to find the most comfortable position, but your brain wonít stop filling your head with useless thoughts, and just when you start to doze off, a muscle twitches or you get an itch that just wonít go away.

This is what happens to millions of unfortunate people around the world. Almost everybody has had this scenario play out in their lives at one time or another. But what can you do and which sleep aid should you use to get some much needed sleep?

There are two possible answers to this question.

Sleeping Pills

You can get over the counter or prescription medication. Most of the time, lack of sleep can be traced to stress, sleep apnea, pain, arthritis, neurological disorder or insomnia.

If you suffer from asthma, emphysema, chronic pulmonary disease, glaucoma or have difficulty urinating due to enlarged prostate gland then itís better to speak to your doctor before taking any of these medications. You should also avoid using these sleeping aids if you have been drinking or are taking a sedative. Make sure that you follow the directions carefully when using these products.

Many times, doctors will prescribe sleeping pills to people who suffer from depression. While this is Okay in the short term, itís probably a good idea to seek some professional help from a physiatrist if your condition persists.

Natural Sleep Aids

If your lack of sleep is caused by restlessness or stress, then sometimes learning to relax can help. Try soaking in a bath or doing something that you enjoy to take your mind of the stress. Exercise is another excellent way to induce sleep and can also be very enjoyable. If you feel your condition requires more attention and these method do not seem to work then over the counter medications can help.

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