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 "Sleep Apnea Surgery"

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Sleep Apnea Surgery

Do you have all, or some of the symptoms mentioned in the ďSleep ApneaĒ article which can be found on this site? If so, have you read the article on sleep apnea treatments so you know the correct approach to take?

Nobody likes surgery, but sometimes itís a necessary evil, and must be done in order to give you back some kind of quality of life, and make you feel better. If you are suffering from sleep apnea that canít be cured using other methods then sleep apnea surgery may be your only choice.

There are currently five different kinds of surgery available to cure you of sleep apnea ...

mandibular myotomy

Basically they cut a rectangular piece of bone in the front part of your jaw where your tongue muscles are attached. This piece of bone is then pulled out and rotated ninety degrees and reattached. This pulls the tongue forward six to ten millimetres, and stops the tongue from obstructing your airways, curing your disorder. This surgery almost always works, and is safe.


This surgery is only performed if absolutely necessary, and for the longest time (till the 80ís) was the only way that doctors could cure you of sleep apnea. Basically they cut a hole in your wind pipe and insert a valve. During the day, this valve was open so that you could talk, and at night it would be closed, and that way your airway was unobstructed.


This large complicated word means that the doctors will remove you uvula (the flashy piece hanging in the back of your throat) and this hopefully rids you of any obstruction. I say hopefully, because this operation only works about 50% of the time.

laser assisted uvuloplasty

Pretty much the same thing as the procedure above, except they use a laser to remove the uvula.


This treatment uses radio waves to shrink the size of the tissue in your air passages, reducing snoring.

Sleep apnea surgery isn't for everyone ... but if it's for you ... your doctor will recommend it.

Sam Fields

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