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 "Sleep Apnea Treatments"

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Sleep Apnea Treatments

In the article on sleep apnea we explained how sleep apnea can make you feel like you’re suffering from a massive hangover even though your haven’t been out binging.

When you suffer from sleep apnea this literally means that you forget to breathe in stages during your sleep and if left untreated this can lead to life threatening conditions such as heart attacks, impotence and other cardio vascular diseases.

While it's a serious condition ... the most important thing to note here is that sleep apnea can be treated and cured if properly diagnosed.

So you think you've got it? Well ... what are the sleep apnea treatments available?

Pills and Alcohol

There are many ways in which sleep apnea can be treated but two of the most common treatments are to stop taking medications that help you sleep (sleeping aids) and if you drink, stop drinking.

Sleep induced by alcohol or sleep medications is not a natural sleep and therefore sleep apnea is more aggravated. The truth of the matter is that both alcohol and sleep medications actually relax the muscles in your throat, making it harder for you to breath so when you doctor says to stay clear of alcohol and drugs it really is for your own benefit.

Loose Weight

Another simple cure for sleep apnea is to reduce your weight that is of course if you are overweight. Being overweight adds extra strain to the body and this can also aggravate sleep apnea.

Change Positions

Sleeping on your side is another way to help prevent airway obstruction the only downfall to this is that you can wake up with a severe pain your arm.

Surgery for Apnea

The most severe form of treatment is sleep apnea surgery. This will be discussed more at length in a further article but for now I can tell you that this is a lot more painful that any of the previous suggestions. The positive aspect for surgery is however, that it is very successful in curing most cases of sleep apnea.


The fourth option is to wear a special mask that adds pressure to the air you’re breathing, keeping your airways open, and preventing sleep apnea. This process is called CPAP, which is short for “continuous positive airway pressure” and means that you can breathe better when sleeping as long as you don’t mind wearing a mask in bed that is.

Some of the treatments for sleep apnea may be a little severe but curing sleep apnea is beneficial in the long run of life.

Just think how nice it would be to wake up without feeling like you have a hangover. Think of the extra energy you will gain and of course an improvement in that all important sex drive.

If you think that you may be suffering from sleep apnea don’t just sweep it under the carpet and hope it goes away consult your doctor before it ruins your life.

Sam Fields

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