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 "Sleep Deprivation"

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Sleep Deprivation

In the modern society, Sleep Deprivation has become rampant, amongst adults as well as the teenagers.

When the average sleep requirement of an individual is not met ... sleep deprivation is the result.

Ignoring our “circadian clocks” has turned us into chronic insomnia suffers. Owing to the high-paced lifestyles, people today have forgotten the therapeutic effects of sleep and the various ways in which it can impair us both mentally as well as physically if negated.

The high-tech world operating today comprising of supermarkets, banks, restaurants, hotels and train and bus terminals aim at providing optimum satisfaction to the consumers by giving 24 hours of service. In their constant competition to out do one another; people loose sight of their own bodily needs.

Perhaps that's why nearly 35% of people have a sleeping disorder of some kind. Why go to sleep when the pizza parlor is open all night long and longnecks are on special?

Every human being needs a certain number of hours of sleep each day, for the revival of brain cells and other systems so as to ensure that they function effectively. Sleep helps in regulating body temperature, hormone-levels, heart rate and other vital body functions. When a person suffers from sleep deprivation, all these functions are impaired causing an over all deterioration in an individuals health.

Certain medical and psychological conditions are also responsible for sleep deprivation ...

  • Sleep Apnea - where due to a blockage in the airway a person may repeatedly stop breathing in his sleep.
  • Narcolepsy - when a person dozes off repeatedly during the day.
  • Restless leg syndrome- where inactivity causes a tingling or crawling sensation in the legs.
  • Sleep walking, sleep talking, sleep paralysis and other sleep terrors which are known as “Parasomnia”.

If a person finds himself craving for naps at odd hours, if he is anxious or groggy, and if he is more prone to catching cold and flu-bugs then he should know that he has already fallen in the clutches of sleep deprivation.

If a person is serious about curing himself and breaking free from the grip of sleep deprivation then these are the simple tips that he should follow in his daily regime ...

  • Cut down on the consumption of caffeine and alcohol.
  • Avoid taking sleeping pills which have long-term side effects.
  • Create a comfortable and hygienic sleep environment.
  • Incorporate regular exercises.

Sleep deprivation should be viewed as a medical problem which needs medical help. If it is not treated timely then it can give rise to what all men dread- Diabetes.

So ... lacking some good snooze time?

Do something about it, before it does something to you.

Sam Fields

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