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 "Sleep Disorder Remedy"

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Sleep Disorder Remedy

Finding a sleep disorder remedy is a challenge for many people.


Interestingly ... it's not because it is always a severe case that involves months of therapy or doses of medication.

Rather, it’s because sleep disorders are often one of those “silent problems” that most people don’t acknowledge they suffer from until it has reached a severe stage ... such as a car accident or marital problems.

This is of added concern for many males, who are socially conditioned to keep health problems to themselves, lest they perceive themselves – or be perceived – as being weak or vulnerable.

Yet for the millions of women and men who seek help each year for sleep disorders, there are an array of proven medications and techniques that are making this a very manageable and temporary problem.

Remedies for Sleeping Problems

Some of the common remedies include:

  • eating a light dinner that does not tax the digestive system and/or heartburn throughout the night
  • avoiding stimulating television,
  • avoiding caffeine throughout the day (but especially in the evening),
  • taking a warm, relaxing bath just before bed time.

Prescription sleeping aid medications are also often prescribed by doctors in more serious cases, but these are often for more serious cases, as the medication can become habit-forming, and may carry side effects.

Though hardly “new” in the global sense, but fairly new to some of the western world are remedies found in homeopathic naturopathic medicines, such as valerian and chamomile. Also gaining widespread popularity (in the west) as a means of combating and/or preventing sleep disorders are: yoga, shiatsu, tai chi, soft acupuncture, reflexology, meditation, and massage therapy.

Sam Fields

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