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 "Sleep Disorder Symptoms"

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Sleep Disorder Symptoms

Most people readily point to “insomnia” when thinking about sleep disorder symptoms, but this is not technically correct.

Insomnia is a symptom, or an illustration, of a sleep disorder and one that most people are familiar with to some extent.

Yet when trying to understand the “problem” of sleep disorders, it’s necessary to take a big step backwards to assess what factors comprise the catch-all term “sleep disorders”.

The difficulty for all of us though ... is to determine if we have a sleep disorder, or if we simply are normally tired from excessive activity.

Symptoms of Sleep Disorders

In no particular order, sleep disorder symptoms include ...

  • Inability to fall sleep within 30 minutes of a desired time.
  • Inability to sleep for more than five hours without intense disruption.
  • Inability to fall asleep after waking up, even if a less than required amount of sleep has been experienced (i.e. going to bed at 10:00pm, waking up at 3:00am, and then being completely unable to fall asleep again despite being tired and requiring at least 3 more hours of sleep for optimal functioning).
  • Anxiety and irritability due to sleeplessness, and/or when thinking about sleeping.
  • Extreme fatigue during waking hours/on the job (this could be due to many other factors as well, though it is often an associated a sleep disorder symptom).
  • Inability to focus and concentrate during waking hours (again, this can be due to other factors, but often involves lack of quality sleep to some extent).

As a result of any of these factors, or a combination of any of them, an individual can experience the aforementioned insomnia, sleep apnea, excessive nighttime sweating, sleep paralysis, grinding teeth (and subsequent jaw problems), bed wetting, chronic restlessness and sleep walking.

Sam Fields

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