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Sleep Disorders

While its somewhat difficult to note the exact number of hours that ďthe average personĒ will spend sleeping during his or her life, most experts agree that itís about one-third of life itself, or somewhere around 200,000 hours.

And when we consider that, after breathing, sleep is humanityís number two occupation, itís even more difficult to precisely note why so many people donít quite understand what sleep is all about. This is especially true for the hundreds of millions of people who suffer from (or will suffer from) sleep disorders.

These sleep disorders can range from temporary insomnia sleep disorder, to potentially fatal sleep apnea and sleep sex.

Sleep disorders do not specifically target a particular type of person or an age group, though there is some medical and psychosocial research suggesting that men tend to experience sleep disorders more frequently, and more intensely, than females. There are several variables that support this view, including the fact that men tend to work more shift hours than women (and thus face more dramatically disruptive sleep patterns over long periods of time), and that in many parts of the world, men are viewed as the sole income earner; thus adding sleeplessness pressures and anxieties that some two income families are able to alleviate.

Of course, many other factors contribute to sleep disorders, including stress, dramatic lifestyle changes (i.e. new job, new environment), physical disorders, diet (caffeine, alcohol, nicotine, etc.), and psychiatric disorders including depression.

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