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How To Fall Asleep Quicker

Though the range of sleep-related problems is quite broad, most people who suffering sleep-related problems have one, unifying wish: they want to fall asleep quicker.

Yet the more they try, the harder and harder it becomes; to the point that “passing out” for couple of hours of sleep after a tedious night of staring at the clock becomes the norm.

Unable to Fall Asleep Quicker: The Physical and Emotional Roots

There are a few biologic functions that are not considered “an option”. Breathing, water, food, and of course, sleep. This is why those who desire to fall asleep quicker -- such as insomniacs and chronic worriers – are not merely undergoing a life inconvenience; these people are experiencing a truly serious health problem.

The physical roots of this problem remains something of a deep mystery, as sleep itself and the stages of sleep continue to be studied by scientists and medical professionals across the world. Yet what we do know is that the long-held belief that the brain and body “shut off” during sleep is incorrect. True, while the brain/body do restore themselves during sleep, there is actually increased activity in some parts of the brain and body. In a sense, during sleep, the body can efficiently repair and recharge in ways that the waking body would interfere.

As such, when a person (according to some surveys it’s typically two men for every one woman) stares at the ceiling at night and stressfully desires to fall asleep quicker, it is much more than a preference or a discomfort. The body is being denied critical time to repair itself, and this can lead to a range of adverse health conditions, including a weakened immune system and the inability to ward off infection. It can also lead to premature aging, digestive problems, body temperature regulating problems, and memory loss.

Psychologically, the inability to fall asleep quicker also takes a heavy toll. Many people have actually experiences forms of disorientation and depression when unable to fall asleep for long periods of time. In some cases, particularly among men, the inability to fall asleep quicker can be perceived as a “flaw” or a “weakness”; as if it were a skill that was not mastered. This is obviously not true, yet on a psychological and emotional level, the inability to fall asleep quicker can be exceedingly distressing, and open the door to more severe sleep problems.

Now ... I suppose you want to know the steps to fall asleep quicker right?

Drew Voight

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