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Remedies for Insomnia

Remedies for insomnia

Noting can wreck havoc on a personís well-being like a series of sleepless nights. We know that sleep is crucial for a healthy mind and body but we also know that sleep can be elusive at times. The search for insomnia remedies can be a little trying especially when the recommendations are old hat.

Some of the insomnia remedies that are recommended include changes in behavior that might not be realistic for some of us. For example, one of the prime strategies for a good nightís sleep is to go to bed at the same time every night. Ideally, this is an insomnia remedy that works but not everyone is in an ideal situation.

Night Shift Blues

Shift work often requires quick changes in schedule. Instead of waking at 5:00AM to get to work at 7:00AM, the person has to be at work at 3:00PM, or worse yet, 11:00PM. These changes in schedule can interrupt the normal sleep pattern and the changes also negate some of the insomnia remedies that are recommended.

It would be wonderful if we could just wish ourselves to sleep and some claim that they can. Getting into a routine is one of the insomnia remedies that many adopt but others canít. There are other things that factor into a sleepless night than schedules. Some of these factors can be addressed while others canít.

I know that it can be enjoyable to watch television while lying in bed but this isnít the best practice. You actually excite your brain when you watch programs and you might be the type who wants to see what happens next. The bed should be reserved for sleep if you have a history of sleepless nights.

Other insomnia remedies suggest that you forgo working right before bed. This is a real challenge for some of us who burn the midnight oil to reach a deadline. Work excites your brain as well, especially if you use logic in your field.

Sam Fields

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