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 "Steps to Fall Asleep Quicker"

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Steps To Fall Asleep Quicker

We don't usually need to think very much about our sleep - it's just a part of life that we take for granted. When we can't sleep, though, it can be a real problem. In fact, most of us will find it hard to sleep at some point in our lives. We have a word for it - insomnia.

It's often just for a short time, perhaps when we're worried or excited. After a few days, things settle down and we get back to sleeping normally. However, we need sleep to keep our minds and bodies healthy. If we carry on sleeping badly, we start to notice the effects.

Experts say it's possible to get a good night's sleep by making only minor adjustments. No magic's involved, just consistency.

Thankfully, there exists a number of proven methods and steps to fall asleep quicker to help people (of both genders). These methods include:

Reducing tension by way of stretching and other non-aerobic movements.
Avoiding stimulants such as coffee, tea, nicotine, soft drinks, chocolate, and so on.
Practicing deep breathing techniques that help relax the mind and prevent the muscles from becoming tense when sleep does not come quickly.
Putting the bedroom clock somewhere else, lest it serve as a constant reminder of the inability to fall asleep quicker.
Use a sleeping posture that is conducive to deep sleep, such as lying on one’s side with a pillow between one’s legs.
Adding foods to diet that are easy to digest, and not eating more than four hours before the optimal sleep time.

In addition to these techniques, doctors often prescribe medications that help people fall asleep quicker, including pills and powders that are often safe and non-habit forming.

Trends in Helping People Fall Asleep Quicker

Research into the hormone melatonin is earning the attention of a number of people who want to fall asleep quicker, especially business travelers who must find ways to achieve sleep as they cross time zones and wait in airport lineups.

Tryptophan (that famous essential amino acid in turkeys that tends to act as a sedative) is also being researched to see how it can be added to other supplements.

Valerin, a herbal extract, has also been touted as the “next wonder drug” for those who want to fall asleep quicker. Though very well-known in the east and in parts of Europe, Valerin is a non-addictive all-natural sedative that has no established side-effects. Research on Valerin and other potential herbal remedies is continuing.

Drew Voight

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