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Causes Of Snoring

Have you ever slept beside someone and woken up in the middle of the night and thought you were surrounded by a bunch of angry sows?

I have, and itís not pleasant. Snoring can cause sleep apnea (discussed fully in another article) and the person who sleeps near you to lose sleep as well. In other words, it can become a serious problem.

However, about forty five percent of adults snore occasionally, and about twenty five percent snore all of the time.

So, what are the causes of snoring?

Common Snoring Causes

Well several things. Snoring is caused by a blockage of air between the back of the mouth and nose. When your tongue and upper throat touch the palate and uvula, they vibrate and make the annoying sound we call snoring.

The most common cause of snoring is being overweight. If you are overweight or obese, you tend to have bulky throat tissue, making it easier to block your airway. Alcohol or drug use is another thing that can be a cause a snoring, because while your whacked out on either of these substances, your throat muscles become too relaxed and your tongue can fall backwards into the throat, or your throat muscles draw in from the sides and block your throat making it more difficult to breath.

If you are endowed with large tonsils or adenoids, then it is more likely that you snore. Cysts, while rare, can also be a cause of snoring as.

Everyone has had a cold or stuffy nose at some point in their lives, and itís very likely that you snored while sleeping, because all of that excess mucus blocked your airways a bit, and made it harder for you to breathe. A deformed nose or nasal septum can also cause snoring for obvious reasons.

The last thing that can be a cause of snoring is having a long soft palate or uvula. A long palate will narrow the opening that leads from the nose to the throat, causing the uvula to dangle and make a flutter valve when you are trying to relax and sleep.

If you keep your mate awake at night, or you find that youíre still tired when you wake up from a full nights rest, then you should consider making a visit to your family doctor. Your doctor may decide to do some simple sleep tests, to figure out how bad your snoring problem is and how best to treat it.

If left untreated it can become much more serious than you think. You can develop sleep apnea, function slower and cause accidents because youíre sleep deprived. You may become irritable (and so might your mate, which is never a good thing in my experience) and could cause you to have high blood pressure and an enlarged heart.

If pride is your vice, then getting your snoring problem looked after will ensure that people donít make fun of you for your problem. Seeing a doctor takes no time at all, and can save you a lifetime of ridicule and sleepiness.

Jim Shaw

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