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Snoring Cure

Is there one thing, one remedy that is proven to cure snoring? The answer is no. Itís usually a combination of snoring cures, or going under the knife which is the final solution. However, there are some snoring cures that arenít usually talked about, but may work for you.

Hypnosis treatment is one snoring cure. Most of you have seen the show where they hypnotize some poor shmuck and make him bark like a dog, or run around like a chicken. Even more of you have seen hypnosis used in solving fictional crimes and stuff on your favourite detective shows. While all of things may really work, it may also work to help you quit snoring. Itís not widely talked about, and isnít widely used yet, but this snoring cure does hold some promise, and you donít have to go for surgery. Sounds like a plus all around to me.

Another snoring cure is magnetic therapy. This therapy isnít really used in North America, but it is used a lot in China and other parts of the world. The doctors use magnets to stimulate the nerves in your nose, which is said to open the airways to the throat, cut down on vibration, and therefore cut down on snoring.

There has even been nose rings developed that use earth magnets. This method has received some positive feedback from people who have used it. Donít wear it around your wife though; she already has enough methods at her disposal of leading you around by the nose. No need to give her another.

Because stress has been proven to add or even cause snoring in some cases, you could try methods that reduce stress levels as a snoring cure. This includes Yoga, gentle massage, Tai Chi and relaxing music before bed. These snoring cures have been proven to work on some patients, and will give you an excuse to get a massage or just get out for a day and relax.

People are starting to use crystals and gems as well as light therapy to as a snoring cure. Scientific research into these methods is being done as we speak, but nothing is sure about this method yet. Doctors and patients who have used these treatments have said that it holds some promise in combating snoring.

There are tons of homeopathic medications on the market today. Some are rip offs, and some may work for you. Homeopathy has been used around the world for hundreds of years which seems to prove there might be something to it as an alternative snoring cure.

While these snoring cures are not widely talked about, they are available. None of them require surgery and all of them are pain free. While they may not work for you, it might be a good idea to check some of them out and test them. Some of these snoring cures seem far fetched, I know, but most habitual snorers are willing to try anything once to avoid going to the hospital and having surgery.

Jim Shaw

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