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Snoring Problem

About a quarter of the population snores at one time or another. We have discussed the potential cures and the risks involved. But one thing we have not discussed is how you can tell that your snoring problem is turning into something more dangerous.

Itís no secret that snorers can become sleep apnea patients in the blink of an eye. Sleep apnea is far more dangerous than just a plain snoring problem. Also, people who constantly snore are also suffer from insomnia in one form or another. The two go hand in hand.

Snoring is also a major disturbance to anybody who sleeps beside you, or even in the same house. People tend to make light of it, and laugh about it behind your back. Your wife may even put a club under her pillow as a ďsnoring remedyĒ but itís no joke. A snoring problem can become a major health issue if left untreated.

There are some definite signs when your snoring becomes a bigger problem. If youíre looking for them, they are not hard to miss.

For instance, if you wake up with a headache, then itís a very good possibility that you are snoring way too much. It could even be a sign that you have sleep apnea. When you have sleep apnea, you can stop breathing while you sleep. The cut off in oxygen is not good for your brain and other internal organs. This can cause severe health problems later in life, and could even cause death if severe enough.

Another good indication is waking up with a dry mouth (probably because youíve been grunting, snoring and breathing through your mouth all night, drying it up.

If you feel tired during the day, and you donít feel refreshed after getting what you thought should have been a good nightís sleep at night, then it is possible you have sleep apnea or suffer from very a heavy snoring problem while you sleep.

If you find that you fall asleep for short periods of time during the day, without wanting to, that is a very bad sign. If you were to do this while driving your car or operating some heavy equipment, you could be killed or you might kill someone else. Yes you have a snoring problem.

Another bad sign is if you wake up with sore or bruised ribs. This could be caused by repeated jabs to the ribcage because your wife is pissed that you keep waking her up with your snoring problem.

Snoring basically means that you are getting an unhealthy sleep, but many people think that snoring signifies that you are getting a deep and healthy sleep. Even if you snore only a bit, the person who doesnít snore at all is getting a better nights sleep than you.

Donít wait until your snoring problem becomes a real issue and your life is at risk. If you know you snore regularly, then please go see your family doctor and have it looked at. Itís never a good thing to play with your life.

Jim Shaw

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