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Snoring Surgery

Well you have exhausted all other options and itís time to take a look at snoring surgery.

No one likes it, and many are afraid, but in the end snoring surgery is proven to cure your snoring better than any other method (besides avoiding it all together) and once itís done, you probably wonít have to worry about being made fun of, having permanent damage done to your body because of snoring and your marriage will probably improve.

Current Surgery Method

Laser snoring surgery is probably the most popular method of treating chronic snorers. It has a big fancy name; laser assisted uvulopalatoplasty. Basically the doctor uses a laser to cut away the uvula, which is the tissue that hangs from the back and the roof of your mouth. It may sound painful but the results speak for themselves. When complete there is a 96% bed partner satisfaction rate and a 69% chance that youíre snoring is completely cured. The pain usually lasts for about two weeks but this really is worth it.

Nasal surgery to remove any blockage in the nose is done sometimes. This only works to treat snoring in people who snore only because of the blockage. It doesnít help those who have overlarge tonsils, are overweight etc.

Tongue in Cheek

The tongue suspension procedure sounds especially painful. Itís done by inserting a screw through the lower jaw bone and stitches below the tongue. This keeps the tongue from falling back into the throat when sleeping. One good thing about this surgery is that it is reversible. You can also have surgery to bring your jaw forward, but this procedure is only used in extreme cases.

If you have a fat neck then it is more likely that you snore. You can get liposuction done to your neck to reduce or remove the fat deposits. Or you could make an effort not to eat as much and save yourself some money and some pain.

Radio signal ablation techniques can also be used to cure snoring. This procedure can be performed right in your doctorís office in about twenty minutes. I can hear the sighs of relief from the readers now, which is why I saved this one until the end!

Radio surgery works by heating up the inner tissue of the soft palate to eighty five degrees Celsius. This makes the tissue underneath the skin scar and become harder. It has fewer side effects compared to the other snoring surgeries, and the scarring doesnít really affect the rest of your throat or cause any irritation. But the most important factor for most men is that this surgery is less painful than the others, and can sometimes be done under general anaesthetic.

Snoring surgery should only be contemplated as a last resort. You may be frightened, and thatís completely normal, but getting the snoring surgery done may save your life, your marriage and considerable hardships in the future.

Jim Shaw

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