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Snoring Treatment

Youíve tried everything besides going to the doctor as a snoring treatment.

Losing weight, laying off the alcohol and drugs, breathing through your mouth, lying on your stomach or side, but nothing seems to do the trick.

Youíre still snoring like a piglet with no snoring treatment in sight.

You decide to go to the doctors to ask for a snoring treatment that is guaranteed to work.

Professional Snoring Help

The first thing heíll do is check your throat out for deformities. Heíll also ask you if you have allergies, whether you smoke and what, if any, drugs or alcohol you have been taking in order to assess what snoring treatment is suitable for you.

If the doctor believes that you have sleep apnea, or moving towards that condition, itís probably time to take more drastic action. This could include surgery as a snoring treatment (we will discuss this in more depth in another article) but this should be a last resort. If you have a deformity that is causing your snoring, and the mouthpiece canít correct it, then you may have to resort to surgery as a snoring treatment.

If he finds that you have allergies, your snoring treatment will involve removing anything in your house that could be irritating you (and that doesnít include the wife) and if not, he may ask that your significant other keep a diary of how much time you spend snoring, how many times you stop breathing while sleeping and how much sleep youíre getting so that an assessment on the type of snoring treatment you require can be made. If your room is too dry an excellent snoring treatment is to try getting a humidifier, and continue to try other snoring treatment methods in the meantime.

Your Doctor may give you some pills to help you sleep more easily at night to see if this may work. There are also some herbal remedies such as Marjoram oil which if left open on your bedside, is said to help you breathe easier at night and stop you from snoring. This is an easy snoring treatment to try and there are no side effects to this one.

Most, if not all of the herbal snoring treatments have no clinical evidence to say they work, but hey, your desperate right? Itís worth a try and canít cause any harm. Besides that, many people swear by the stuff.

If you eat heavily right before bed your muscles tend to relax, and this can cause snoring as well. So a good snoring treatment in this case would be to get your hands out of the fridge. Eat your meals a few hours before bedtime and take a walk or do some other small amount of exercise before bed, that way you can work some of it off.

Another snoring treatment that you may consider is taking a trip to the dentist and getting a specially made mouth piece that will either bring your lower jaw forward, or wonít let your tongue go down your throat making it easier for you to breathe.

Make sure you try the lubricating sprays we discussed in the ďStop SnoringĒ article as a snoring treatment as well. Continue to exercise, drink less caffeine and stop smoking while youíre waiting for the doctorís final decision.

Try the Breath-Right nasal strips as well ... these can often work miracles for people who habitually bring down the house with their snoring. Using all these snoring treatments could save you from having to get surgery, so itís well worth the time and energy in my opinion.

Jim Shaw

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