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 "Blood in Sperm"

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Bloody Sperm

It can be terrifying for a man to realize that he sees blood present after ejaculating.

The first thing that usually pops into the mind when you think of blood in sperm is testicle cancer.

This is however rarely the case.

Bloody Sperm Causes

Blood in sperm, also known as hematospermia, can be caused by several different factors. One is that the man has recently suffered an accident that affected the groin. It might have been something as traumatic as falling onto the bar of his bicycle or something as innocent as being hit in the groin accidentally while playing sports. Both of these can result in blood in sperm.

Sometimes one of the blood vessels that are located where the sperm is produced becomes irritated. This can result in a small amount of blood entering the seminal fluid and being released along with the sperm. The man glances at it and sees the blood and naturally becomes concerned. In this case the blood will generally disappear on its own after a few hours or days. Once the slight injury has healed the blood is no longer present.

Another cause of blood in sperm can be an infection. In this case there may be other symptoms present including a fever or pain. The man might feel that his groin is tender to the touch. This could be an indication of a bladder infection.

Itís important to visit a doctor if you do see blood in semen. There is a rare chance that it is related to prostate cancer and so having it checked by a medical professional is a good idea. For men under the age of 50 it is rarely the cause of the bleeding though.

If you do feel that it may have been caused by an injury and the blood is still present after a few weeks itís prudent to see the doctor. They can exclude anything more serious as the cause and suggest things you might do to speed the healing process.

Itís also wise to visit the doctor immediately if you notice blood in sperm along with any pain in the anal or penis area. The same is true if you are experiencing frequent urination or difficulty urinating.

For a young, healthy man blood in sperm is usually nothing serious. Itís something that happens to many men. If you receive the assurance of a doctor that it is indeed nothing to worry about you can then relax.

Paul Ellis - Men's Health

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