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What Causes Low Sperm Count

Being told that a man has a low sperm count can be traumatizing. The man might feel inferior and the woman that he is planning on becoming a parent with may feel disappointment and resentment. These are natural reactions but itís important to determine the cause of the low sperm count and then try and address the issue.

If itís discovered that a man does indeed have a low sperm count there could be many causes for this. Age is often a factor in sperm production. As a man matures his ability to produce sperm may be affected and this results in a lower sperm count than he may have had when he was younger.

Low Sperm Count in Younger Men

Many younger men have a low sperm count that is caused by their lifestyle choices. Stress can have an effect on sperm production. If a man is feeling stress from a work related or personal issue this can have an influence on the balance of his hormones; the result can be a decrease in sperm production.

Another factor that may play a role in a low sperm count is sexual performance. If a man has experienced premature ejaculation or impotence this can affect how he feels about himself sexually. These feelings may change the level of his sperm count.

"Is it just me or is it hot?"

One common notion regarding sperm count is that if the genitals become overheated the man might experience a lower sperm count. This is normally temporary and can be caused by sitting in a hot tub or wearing clothing that is constrictive.

Just Say Ummm, Maybe?

Low sperm count can also be the result of substance use. Marijuana and cocaine use can both have a very negative effect on sperm production. Some studies have suggested that after the use of these substances a manís sperm count can be temporary lowered by as much as 50%.

Along that same line is the use of tobacco. If a man has smoked for many years it can cause changes in not only his sperm count but in the quality and mobility of the sperm as well. Often men who have smoked heavily for years may find themselves facing male fertility problems.

There are obviously several causes for low sperm count. For a man who wants to father a child itís important to work with a doctor to investigate the probable causes. In some cases the sperm count can be increased. Although each case of low sperm count is unique there are some simple causes and solutions that will greatly increase the chances of conception.

Paul Ellis - Men's Health

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