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Mexican Steroids

¿Tiene Deca-Durabolin?

With those three words, and about $30, Mexican steroids are available in Matamoros and Reynosa Mexico as any other pharmaceutical product.

It is as easy as going across the border, buying what you want and putting it in your glove compartment or shooting up before going back across the border.

No prescription? No problem. For a small fee, a friendly pharmacist in Mexico will inject your just-bought steroids on the spot. Welcome to the Steroids Revolution, where, when it comes to the policing of performance-enhancing drugs, all teams are appear to be playing in a no-prevent defense.

The Allure of Steroids

The allure of getting bigger and stronger by using steroids without regard to potential side effects was glorified in former baseball player Jose Canseco’s book Juiced: Wild Times, Rampant ’Roids, Smash Hits and How Baseball Got BIG. Canseco, who considers himself the "Godfather of Anabolic Steroids" for Major League Baseball, championed the use of performance-enhancing drugs and detailed how popular slugger Mark McGwire pumped up on steroids and Andro on the way to becoming the game’s most recognizable slugger.

Juiced inspired Congress to become involved in the steroids in sports issue as it pertains to professional sports and the influence pro athletes have on the nation’s youth. Congressional hearings were held, questioning the commissioners of the four major professional sports — Major League Baseball, NFL (football), NBA (basketball) and NHL (hockey) — about their plans to curb the use of steroids.

High school athletes who either feel they’re not quite big or fast enough to become a starter or earn a coveted college scholarship are tempted to turn from effective steroid alternatives to the quick fix steroids can provide. They might not be able to acquire the designer steroids allegedly preferred by professional athletes, but steroids such as Deca-Durabolin, Human Growth Hormone and Pro Turinabol are readily available across the border, and not all that expensive.

Steroid Side-Effects

Loss of sex drive and possible depression are little-known side effects of steroids, especially when someone stops using. In the book You’re OK, It’s Just A Bruise, penned by former Los Angeles Raiders trainer Rob Huizenga, M.D., Huizenga details his constant battles with Raiders defensive lineman Lyle Alzado over his steroid abuse. Whenever Alzado stopped using, he writes, people would comment to the football player that he was "getting smaller." And that would prompt Alzado to return to the juice.

Alzado’s death from brain tumors he said were caused from his years of using performance-enhancing drugs was steroids’ introduction into the mainstream. Alzado hoped his story would scare youngsters away from risking their health on steroids. But with Canseco’s proclamations about the benefits of steroids, and their ease of acquisition, the temptation for highschool and college athletes is hard to ignore without the threat of random steroid testing as a possible deterrent.

The tests may be costly, at $175 or more, but how much is too much when it comes to the health of a son or daughter?

"I’m in favor of a testing program, or at least the threat of a test," said Brownsville Hanna athletic trainer Shawn Osowski. "I’ve been in a school district where, if you can test, that squashes a lot of stuff. The possibility of getting caught would stop a lot of it.

"Without some kind of test, all we can do is educate them. That’s our only preventative measure to decrease kids using steroids."

Drew Voight

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