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Steroid Cycles

All potential steroid users should first understand the positive and navigate effects associated with steroid use. If its your first time, you should probably use only one steroid.

The most popular is nandrolone deconate, commonly known as Deca-Durabolin. It is considered to have the best result to side effect ratio.

Because it is an anabolic steroid and has no significant androgenic properties, it does not convert to estrogen or DHT. When using a steroid that has high androgenic effects, it is imperative to use an anti-estrogen toward the end of the cycle to prevent side effects associated with extremely high estrogen levels such as gynecomastia.

The biggest factors leading to negative side effects is the use of a fake steroid, improper use of a steroid, or not being able to recognize the side effect when it is in its early stages.

A “steroid cycle” refers to the amount of time that a person is using steroids. The average steroid cycle is generally anywhere from six to twelve weeks. After this “on” cycle of steroid use, you’ll have an “off” cycle where you won’t be using any steroids. The off steroid cycle should be anywhere from ten to twelve weeks. The steroid cycle is needed so that you can reduce the amount of side effects that can occur when you’re using steroids for a long period of time.

Safe Steroid Cycles

Studies show you should stick to two cycles of steroid use a year. This is so that you can allow your body to maintain at least some of the natural hormone levels that are necessary to good health.

Your body also needs time to recover from the side effects of steroid use during the on phase of the steroid cycle. An important thing to keep in mind is that if you overuse steroids, they can become ineffective over a long period of time. This is because the body will eventually fail to understand what it is that the steroids are supposed to be doing to the receptor sites of the body.

Long or Short Cycles?

There are some studies that show a shorter steroid cycle is better than a longer one. A short steroid cycle is anywhere from 1.5 to 2 months in length. When the steroid cycle is longer than 2 months, the receptor sites in the body become over stimulated and will stop responding in a positive way during that steroid cycle and into the next cycle. This means that you’ll be using larger and larger amount of steroids without any results, causing your body to become unstable and unsafe as you use more and more steroids in each dose.

But if you really want to know, here are some steroid cycle examples.

Drew Voight

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