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Testosterone Enanthate

Testosterone enanthate is similar to testosterone cypionate in that itís a long-lasting form of testosterone that helps build mass quickly.

It releases slowly, which means you get more for your money when investing in testosterone enanthate Ė but you can also inject it weekly for faster results.

Because the two drugs are similar, most people decide whether to buy enthanate or testosterone cypionate based on whether itís available at the time they need it. Due to the length it takes to exit your system, users of testosterone enanthate who have negative side effects will be plagued with them for 3-4 weeks.

Enanthate Side-Effects

If your body doesnít react well to taking testosterone enanthate, then you can use post-cycle products such as Nolvadex and Proviron to help you deal with the side effects. This will help restore the natural level of testosterone to your body as the testosterone enanthate dies down.

Itís important to know that testosterone enanthate, like most androgens, are usually tolerated well by those who use it for bodybuilding. Since scientists are learning more about how to use testosterone enanthate for therapeutic reasons, theyíre quickly studying ways to enhance its benefits.

Of course ... testosterone enanthate can be stacked with other compounds to help build mass. Always check the other product to see what benefits it has that testosterone enanthate may not have on its own.

Testosterone enanthate is currently a drug that is injected into the muscle tissue (usually in the buttocks). But the soaring interest by patients and physicians to use it for therapy has resulted in studies to create an oral version of testosterone enanthate.

Some patients are even able to get their physician to surgically insert a pellet-version of testosterone enanthate into their abdomen for release that lasts up to six months. A study about inserting a year-long implant of testosterone enanthate is being conducted outside of the United States.

Although the drug comes in many forms Ė or is being tested to sell in various forms Ė injected testosterone enanthate is still the most popular. Gels, surgical implants, and other methods to use testosterone enanthate either donít work as effectively or arenít as easy to discontinue should the user experience side effects.

Testosterone enanthate Ė regardless of its form Ė will remain popular with pro athletes and others interested in performance-enhancing drugs.

Last year, 5-7% of anonymous testing for testosterone enanthate and other variations of testosterone came back positive in Major League Baseball alone.

Drew Voight

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