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While looking for answers on how to increase levels of Testosterone, I happen to stumble upon some of the following recent studies.

Soy increases Testosterone

While soy is a powerhouse in the fields of heart health and cancer fighting, boosting anabolic hormone levels isn't its forte. In fact, results of a recent report suggest that isoflavones found in soy, such as genistein may be indiscriminately targeting valuable testosterone while doing the work of eliminating bad estrogen.

A Japanese study found that men who ate the greatest amount of soy products not only had the lowest levels of estrogen, they also had the lowest levels of testosterone. It seems that too much genistein and other soy flavones reduces testosterone production byt he testes and increases its desctruction by the liver. This is not to say you should avoid soy products, which have a number of healthy benefits. Just don't overdo it on edamame and avoid high-dose supplementation of isoflavones.

Glutamine increases Testosterone

Another way to increase IGF-1 levels is to take growth hormone shots. However, these trendy GH injections increase the risk of cancer, carpal tunnel syndrome and high blood pressure. In fact, GH shots are more expensive per ounce than reactor grade plutonium.

An alternative may be to take 10 to 15 grams of glutamine each day. In a study performed, as little as 2 grams of glutamine per day was found to produce a significant rise in GH levels without negative side effects.

Meal cycling increases Testosterone

For years bodybuilders have used cycling eating patterns to great advantage. A popular method is to cycle calories every 14 days as a way to optimize anabolic homrone levels while minimizing fat gains. A study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition showed the effects of 21 days of eating more calories than normal.

Insulin, testosterone and IGF-1 levels rose progressively and peaked at day 14. After 14 days, anabolic hormone levels began to decline. A researcher from Sweden, Torbjorn Akerfeldt suggests adding a two week "bulking" phase to your eating plan in conjunction with intense weight training. The best approach to doing a two week "eat big" phase is to take in more substantial meals more often, emphasizing whole grain products, fruits, nuts, fish and poultry over Domino's and Krispy Kremes.

Workout fuel

What you eat, or don't eat, before you go to the gym has a big impact on the GH bang you'll get from your workout.

In a study found in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism, scientists found that eating a fatty meal 10 minutes prior to high intensity cycling blunted the resulting GH surge by 54 percent. However, eating a carb rich meal before (even a zero calorie meal) did not hamper the GH release at all.

Conclusion: If you like to eat a small meal before your workout and want full anabolic benefit from GH, keep the fat content low.

Drew Voight

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