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Here is another topically-applied product that gym fanatics and muscle fans may be interested in. As one user, P. Ringley, said: “I have never seen anything work so fast and produce such visible results! DermaGain works!”

Described as a fast acting anabolic gel, DermaGain is promoted as an alternative to steroids.

We highly recommend for those of you interested in quickly increasing your muscle mass and physique to check out Dermagain here at a very low cost.

Transdermal application is a key feature of DermaGain. By this is meant that it works its way into the body through the skin, therefore bypassing the digestive system. This is certainly a benefit as substances that are digested change in certain ways, thus reducing their effectiveness. Another benefit is convenience. Some substances taken orally need to be taken many times a day to sustain their effects, with DermaGain, on the other hand, it requires only one application daily.

Why Use Dermagain?

Individuals who take their gym workouts very seriously tend to look for supplements to speed up the growth of their muscles – notably the biceps, pectorals, calves – which DermaGain is known to be most effective for.

Because of over-training, athletes tend to either burn out or plateau and experience stagnation; i.e. they’ve reached their optimal level and their muscles do not grow or blast as much. Since working with heavier and heavier weights tend to take its toll on the body, athletes are looking to recover from the wear and tear of an intense workout, and maintain their energy levels so that they can tackle their next workout at the gym.

Dermagain and Lactic Acid

The manufacturer of DermaGain claims that the pumping effect of DermaGain begins as soon as it is applied on the skin. By the time the user makes it to the gym, the feeling of pumping muscles is already being felt. Would DermaGain help the bodybuilder do more repetitions, thus obtaining maximum benefits from his workouts? The answer appears to be yes. One claim is that DermaGain has a very strong buffer against lactic acid, thus protecting individual muscles from excessive amounts of lactic acid. It is this buffering quality that makes muscle recovery faster.

Dermagain a Steroid Alternative?

DermaGain has also been mentioned as an effective steroid alternative. For example, on the website,, DermaGain has been mentioned a few times as a safe alternative to steroids. To name a few examples of steroids that can be substituted by DermaGain: anadrol, anadur, anavar, androgel, deca-durabolin, finajet, implus, laurabolin, and other steroids.

Dermagain Cautions

As with most supplements not officially endorsed by the US Food and Drug Administration, prudence is in order. In fact web sites who market DermaGain make it clear to researchers that statements contained on their web site have not been evaluated by the federal government agency. They further state that DermaGain must be used in conjunction with a nutrition and exercise program. DermaGain is also not intended to cure or prevent any disease.

Drew Voight

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