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DHEA and Testosterone

Dehydroepiandrosterone, which is commonly known as DHEA and testosterone both come in steroid forms and are being used in the medical community and as a way for steroid bodybuilders to add size and strength to their workouts.

DHEA and testosterone levels both decrease with a personís age. What DHEA and testoserone have in common is that DHEA is a precursor to the sex steroid testosterone in the bloodstream. Both DHEA and testosterone are being tested for medicinal hormone replacement therapy in older patients as a way of restoring sexual health, decreasing instances of depression, and helping fight cancer-growths.

Itís also been discovered that both DHEA and testosterone help reverse or fight the condition of obesity in both men and women. The two hormones contribute to leanness in people who use them to become fit and healthy, but DHEA and testosterone canít do it without hard work and adherence to a smart nutritional program.

If your goal is to build body mass and not use DHEA and testosterone for medical reasons, should you use the two together? Experts are not quite sure. To date, itís been accepted that DHEA and testosterone work against each other Ė with DHEA being the primary buffer of all hormones in the body.

Therefore, if you took DHEA and testosterone together, the DHEA might act as a buffer to your bodyís use of testosterone. However, DHEA and testosterone work well together when trying to achieve the same goal Ė such as reducing osteoporosis, since they both contribute to it in the same way.

Many experts are advising against using DHEA and testosterone until further research has been done on the two. But what canít be denied is the direct association between the fact that those who take DHEA and testosterone reap the benefits of increased vitality and a boost in athletic ability. DHEA and testosterone also work together because DHEA can be turned into its steroid relative, testosterone and boost your levels two-fold.

But DHEA and testosterone have some differences as well. While people using testosterone can be rid of side effects when the steroid wears off, DHEA is said to have possible permanent side effects, such as increased hair growth or for women, an end to their menstrual cycle.

Because DHEA can turn into either testosterone or estrogen, many bodybuilders who take both DHEA and testosterone will want to also add an estrogen blocker to their cycle. This will allow you to benefit from the DHEA and testosterone without worrying that estrogen will ruin the effect and hard work of your bodybuilding.

Jim Shaw

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