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Effects of Testosterone

The effects of testosterone on the human body are quite severe. Without the proper levels of testosterone, men can experience hair loss, irritability, loss of libido, and a lessening of strength.

The effects of testosterone deficiency on women are possible osteoporosis, loss of sexual desire, incontinence, thinning hair, and dry skin.

There are medical and physical effects of testosterone on men and women. On the medical side, the effects of testosterone can mean the difference between a dysfunctional sex life to brittle bones and possible fractures. The physical effects of testosterone on the human body are its ability to create and maintain muscle mass.

For millions of women suffering from incontinence each year as they grow older and their testosterone levels decrease, the effects of testosterone therapy may be beneficial in helping the urinary muscles build back up to support the bladder. Not many women are aware of the effects of testosterone on their incontinence problem, having focused in the past on surgical hammocks to lift the bladder instead.

For bodybuilders and athletes, the effects of testosterone can mean great differences in the amount of time and effort it takes to build muscle mass. Many take supplements or steroids to increase the effects of testosterone on their workouts and enhance their ability to lift weights and perform.

Anabolic Effects

The anabolic effects of testosterone are required for bodybuilders to achieve the kind of success they hope for. That includes increasing their size and strength while also being able to recover form their workouts easily and continue their bodybuilding regimen. There are also androgenic effects of testosterone that come with taking the drug including increased hair growth, deepening of the voice, and sometimes the symptom of acne being added to the equation.

The effects of testosterone being added directly to the bloodstream, instead of being produced naturally within your body, can sometimes be difficult for people to get accustomed to. Some effects of testosterone include water retention, cardiovascular disease, headaches, violent mood swings, stunted growth in younger users, insomnia, and temporary sterility.

Before you begin taking any drug, especially anabolic steroids, you must first become educated about the effects of testosterone and find out how it could affect your bodybuilding efforts in both good and bad ways assuming you suffer some of the common side effects known to accompany steroid use.

Although some effects of testosterone are beneficial to its users, others may not be a welcome addition to your lifestyle. Weigh the pros and cons carefully and then make the decision that best suits your personal needs.

Jim Shaw

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