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Testosterone Enhancers

Testosterone enhancers are often confusing to beginner bodybuilders or those who just want to waste no time getting lean and adding plenty of muscle.

Testosterone is probably the most vital hormone coursing through a mans body. Not only is it important for strength as well as overall fitness ... it's also important for sexual ability, male characteristics and normal brain function.

When testosterone levels are reduced ... a myriad of syndromes and problems can pop-up in mens lives.

You might hear terms thrown around such as stacking, cycles, and post-cycle therapy when discussions of testosterone enhancers and bodybuilding supplements take place and not know how to safely build your own program.


The first thing you need to know is how to determine the best cycle for your testosterone enhancers ... and no, we're not talking about something with two wheels.

A cycle is the length of time you take the drug along with the dosage of the testosterone enhancers you’re taking, and you must be careful which chemicals you mix together because some may be virtual duplicates or increase the occurrence of negative side effects.

Most bodybuilders create cycles of two, four, six, or eight-week cycles for testosterone enhancers. There’s a delicate balance of making sure that you get the maximum benefits from taking testosterone enhancers while minimizing the risk that you’ll suffer from negative side effects, so you may want to start off right in the middle with a four or six week regimen.

Stacking testosterone enhancers is when you add more than one drug to your cycle. Some testosterone enhancers complement one another. For instance, one chemical might be the testosterone booster itself, and the other an anti-estrogen drug to prevent the testosterone from morphing into the female hormone.

The most commonly stacked testosterone enhancers are 4AD – and they are typically combined with Nordiol, 1AD, and 1-test. Before deciding on which testosterone enhancers you want to stack with which, make sure you learn the benefits and drawbacks of each one.

After a set amount of time taking the testosterone prohormone enhancers, your cycle will end and you’ll need to begin post-cycle therapy. The purpose of beginning a post-cycle routine is to increase the effects of your testosterone enhancers and reduce the possibility of any presence of estrogen hormones.

Post-cycle therapy will start the day after you stop taking your testosterone enhancers. There are also other ways you can come down off of your cycle. Flax oil and cutting down on your workouts are also things you can employ in your post-cycle regimen from taking testosterone enhancers.

Before beginning any testosterone enhancers, you should check to see what the recommended dose is. Many bodybuilders use many more times the recommended dose of testosterone enhancers, but if you’re just starting out, it’s best to stick to the low end and wait to see how your body is going to react.

Drew Voight

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