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Male Hormone Replacement Therapy

For years, doctors have focused on woman’s needs and studied the various ways they can develop female-specific, and not male hormone replacement therapy. But now male hormone replacement therapy is taking a front seat – and the news is looking positive for men.

Male hormone replacement therapy, also known as TRT (testosterone replacement therapy) is a man’s answer to male menopause. Didn’t think men suffered from menopause? Think again – it’s just under the name andropause! Andropause is a change in the male hormone balance.

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Just like women, men’s bodies were getting hit by osteoporosis, mood swings, hot flashes at night, loss of libido, and decreased energy and strength – sure signs that male hormone replacement therapy was not only interesting, but necessary.

Many men and women make the mistake of thinking the symptoms they’re having – joint pain, loss of energy, etc., are just normal aging conditions. But male hormone replacement therapy can bring a halt to those symptoms and restore an older person’s life to how it used to be.

Before undergoing male hormone replacement therapy, your doctor will most likely want you to undergo repeated tests to see what your normal levels of testosterone are. After testing, the male hormone replacement therapy will usually begin right away – in the form of pills, pellets, implants, gel, or injections.

Although many men do not want to seek out professional help for their symptoms, those who have received male hormone replacement therapy tout its benefits and are glad they have an answer to why their bodies were deteriorating so quickly – sometimes at the age of fifty. Male hormone replacement therapy can help a man with 70-year old levels of testosterone return to levels that are within normal range for his true age.

As more men discover what male hormone replacement therapy can do for them researchers are working hard to make advancements in the field and provide maximum benefits with minimal side effects. It’s important when you undergo male hormone replacement therapy that you allow your doctor to continually test your testosterone levels so that you stay within normal limits.

Some people are using male hormone replacement therapy in an immoral way. It is rumored that young men in competitive industries such as stocks, are abusing testosterone in order to make them more aggressive and cutthroat. But on average, male hormone replacement therapy is being used for the betterment of society – helping men restore the vitality of their life.

Drew Voight

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