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Prescription Testosterone

There’s been a high demand recently for prescription testosterone among middle-aged men who want to restore their body to a natural level of testosterone.

Doctors are now weighing their options on whether or not to offer prescription testosterone.

Some physician, try to get their patients to opt for more natural testosterone supplement rather than use a prescription testosterone. But many men are saying they want immediate results for conditions such as impotence – that only prescription testosterone can provide.

Reasons for Prescription Testosterone

Prescription testosterone comes in many forms – oral, injected, patches, implants, and gel. Both older men and women are flocking to doctor’s offices to try to get their hands on some prescription testosterone to restore their sexual drive and enjoy life.

Some do it for vanity reasons – hair loss, loss of libido.

But some want a prescription testosterone because it will alleviate more drastic symptoms, such as osteoporosis. In 2002, more than 800,000 patients were given a prescription testosterone – and that number is expected to rise over the years as research touts the benefits of testosterone.

For men with hypogonadism, a condition where the body doesn’t make enough testosterone, getting prescription testosterone may be easier now that the FDA has approved therapy for it.

Doctors are concerned that giving prescription testosterone may result in the same backlash that accompanied hormone replacement therapy for women. But will a prescription testosterone have the same ill effects on men as hormone replacement therapy had on women?

Studies are being conducted to find out, but there is a risk that increasing testosterone levels for a prolonged amount of time may increase prostate cancer. By avoiding taking a prescription testosterone, and maybe opting for natural supplements, men may be able to avoid the risk altogether. The decision will need to be made on a case-by-case instance.

Naturally Deceived

Many supplements will claim to have the same formula as a prescription testosterone, so do your homework carefully before you invest your money. While over-the-counter supplements may not pack the same punch as a prescription testosterone, they can still provide many benefits similar to the one your doctor can prescribe.

If your doctor does agree to give you a prescription testosterone, make sure you have him monitor and regulate your intake regularly. You may find that the side effects of taking a prescription testosterone are too negative and you wish to transition to a supplement instead.

Drew Voight

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