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The Testosterone Diet

If you have been lifting weights to no avail, and have hit a plateau from time to time, then it may be that you need to go on the testosterone diet.

The testosterone diet is simply making sure you help your body take advantage of the nutrition you provide in a way that maximizes your testosterone levels.

Part of your testosterone diet may include natural or prescription testosterone. There are few serious bodybuilders who do not use some sort of supplement in their testosterone diet – whether it’s over-the-counter or obtained on the anabolic steroids black market.

Maximizing Testosterone

Did you know that you can ruin your bodybuilding goals by adding foods to your testosterone diet that actually a cause of low testosterone? Alcohol, food that is high in fat, and phytosterols, which are found in some plants, can all take a toll on your testosterone diet.

The best way to maximize your testosterone diet is to break your meals up into smaller meals throughout the day. Someone who is on a testosterone diet, but consumes massive amounts of food in only a few sittings, will find that they’re often too tired to work out effectively.

A staple of the testosterone diet is water. If you’re taking testosterone enhancer supplements – in any form – you need to make sure you avoid water retention and give your body enough fluids to generate a good workout. Most men on a testosterone diet think about the food when building muscle, and forget the need for ample amounts of water.

You should never avoid carbs in a testosterone diet. Too often, bodybuilders focus on protein, skipping carbs altogether. But you need to add carbohydrates combined with protein to your testosterone diet in order to give you energy.

If you’re in the beginning stages of bodybuilding, then you may need to adjust your testosterone diet to decrease the carbs at first – so that you can begin to see your six-pack as the fat falls off of your body. But once you begin to get lean, add carbs back to your testosterone diet to get the most from your workouts.

Vitamins are another staple to any testosterone booster diet. Vitamin E is a great way to decrease soreness often felt the day after an intense workout. You may be able to get plenty of vitamins from the foods on your testosterone diet, but using daily bodybuilding supplements can’t hurt.

Whether you’re on a testosterone diet or any other type of diet program, make sure you get enough calories. People who want to lose weight or add bulk often forget that in order to have energy to work out, your body needs fuel in the form of calories. The calories you consume on a testosterone diet will vary from person to person depending on weight, age, and other factors.

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