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Testosterone Food

For the bodybuilders of the world, every aspect of helping their body achieve maximum results is entered into the equation – including choosing the right testosterone food to optimize performance and add sheer size.

What is testosterone food? Simply put, it’s any food that helps the testosterone go to work building mass on your body. Perhaps the best testosterone food of all time, protein is a bodybuilder’s best friend when it comes to nutrition.

Testosterone food doesn’t have to come in its natural form. With protein, for instance, you can either eat eggs and meats that deliver the goods, or add this particular testosterone food in the form of supplements – protein powders and shakes that will do the job.

Meat and Testosterone

When choosing the natural form of a testosterone food, makes sure you take into consideration the overall health benefits of the item. Meats, for instance, can vary from fat-laden lamb chops to lean cuts of chicken – an obviously healthier testosterone food.

Fatty meats can also increase estrogen levels in your body – which has the exact opposite effect of the testosterone food list you’ll be eating from. Fat is rich in an enzyme called aromatase, which turns into estrogen – a female hormone.

One product many bodybuilders mistakenly think will be a healthy option when choosing the right testosterone food is soy. However, studies show that soy actually reduces testosterone levels!

All too often, bodybuilders focus on protein as their real testosterone food choice and don’t get enough variety into their diet. You can also add vegetables to your grocery list – they’re a healthy and beneficial testosterone food choice that can help you pack on bulk while minimizing your fat intake.

Testosterone Veggies?

Cabbage is a good testosterone food because it is packed with IC3 (indole-3-carbinol), a phyto-chemical that is a real testosterone booster by dramaticall increasing its levels.

Rockefeller University Hospital gave 500 men doses of testosterone food chemical known as IC3 and estrogen levels were cut by 50% while testosterone levels were boosted.

Brussels sprouts are another healthy testosterone food, because like other cruciferous vegetables, they have the same effect as cabbage on a man’s normal testosterone level. It only takes two servings of this type of testosterone food to do the job.

You can always make changes to your diet to include the testosterone food of your choice. But if you prefer, you can substitute it with supplements. Instead of a testosterone food that has IC3, you can take 300 mg of DIM, or diindolin, which has the same effect on your body.

But some might call that cheating ...

Drew Voight

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