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Testosterone Treatment

Because testosterone is such an important hormone in the body, controlling the sexual and reproductive functions, testosterone treatment is becoming a popular way to boost the libido and sexual health of aging men.

Testosterone treatment ranges from altering your diet and adding more testosterone-friendly foods to obtaining prescription-dose quality testosterone to return levels back to their normal state. However, testosterone treatment isnít always universal in how it affects patients.

Testosterone Treatment Side-Effects

Some testosterone treatment results in severe negative side effects. Some injected forms, for instance, can cause pain so severe at the injection site that it makes it difficult to walk. Other testosterone treatments have milder side effects, such as headaches, water retention, and a low sperm count.

It will be up to you to decide which route you want to go when you choose a testosterone treatment plan. If you go it alone, make sure you conduct a lot of research on different methods of implementing a safe testosterone treatment plan. A doctor can monitor and alter your testosterone treatment if you do it under his care.

Testosterone treatment, also known as testosterone therapy, is available for both men and women. Some women benefit from testosterone treatment because it helps them halt the process of osteoporosis, a bone density disease that can mean higher incidence of fractions Ė especially in aging adults.

Men generally turn to testosterone treatments once they notice the signs of a deficiency of the hormone. After noticing a steady hair loss, finally realizing that they canít lift as much as they once did, or discover they have trouble getting an erection, they will seek out testosterone treatments either on their own or with the help of their physician.

Itís smart to see a doctor before you begin any type of testosterone treatment program on your own. Sometimes, the deficiency of testosterone can signal a more serious disease, such as diabetes.

For men who have been diagnosed with cancer of the prostate, testosterone treatment may be out of the question. Thatís because testosterone treatment can sometimes contribute to the growth of a tumor already in existence.

Treatment Forms

Youíll also want to look into the various forms of testosterone treatment. Some plans, such as using a topical testosterone gel, can have fewer side effects than an injected or implanted form of testosterone treatment. You may want to see how your body reacts to a lighter form before undergoing a more serious testosterone treatment plan.

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