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Ab Exercises

Most people have trouble with their stomachs when they are trying to lose weight. This is often the first place were a few extra pounds show up, and when you are losing, this is where the last few stubborn pounds seem to stay. Though you can do ab exercises to help get rid of your little potbelly, you still have to work on your diet. Though there are lots of exercises that target a specific part of the body, you still have to get rid of the fat in that area in order for your hard work to show up.

There are a lot of ab exercise machines you can do to work on your muscles in that area. It is a good idea to concentrate on them, but you have to remember that those exercises alone arenít going to get rid of the bulge. Ab exercises will tone up the abs underneath, but they arenít going to show up if you stop watching what you eat. You still have to cut calories to lose the extra pounds. Otherwise, you will have rock hard abs that no one can see.

Ab exercises can be something you can do alone or you can use a machine. When I was growing up we always did sit ups, but apparently someone decided that these were hard on the back. That is when crunches seemed to gain popularity, and for a long time these were the recommended ab exercises for those who were trying to trim down their waist line and lose that last ten pounds. Though some people still do crunches and even sit ups, there are many who have turned to exercise machines to help them out.

I have seen a lot of exercise machines that are made just for ab exercises. They do seem to be helpful, and they are easier on your body. If you have a bad back these are the way to go. You donít want to put any bad stress on your back. These ab exercises tend to have the same effect on the stomach muscles without hurting or straining the back, legs, or neck. Just remember that if you buy it you have to be good about using it or it wonít help you too much. Think about what you are comfortable doing and how much space you have in your home before you decide which machine is right for you.

Drew Voight

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