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Cardio Workouts

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Incorporating a cardiovascular workout into your workout plan is an important complement to any weight lifting program. In addition to getting your heart pumping and your blood circulating, cardio exercise can help you burn calories and fat to help your muscles appear more defined.

Physical activity does more than promote fitness, it helps to reduce high blood pressure and the risk of heart attack symptoms. Aerobic exercise helps to raise blood levels of HDL and lower the levels of LDL. Cardio exercise has also been proven to increase endurance, reduce body fat, improve mood and make you less vulnerable to fatigue.

Before embarking on your new cardio workout, you should make sure you are properly equipped. You should wear light weight, comfortable clothing which freely moves. A good pair of athletic shoes is highly recommended.

Cardio Workouts For Beginners

If you are a beginner, then you should perform cardio exercise 2 to 3 times per week starting at 15 minutes for each session. After one week, you can increase your time in five minute increments. When you reach 30 minutes for each session then you can add more days. Your goal should be to exercise 4-5 times per week for 30 minutes or more each session.

One thing to remember about cardio workouts is that for the first 20 minutes you are only burning glucose. It is not until after the first 20 minutes that your body starts to burn the stored fat. That is why it is important to get your workouts to a minimum of 30 minutes per session.

Before every cardio session you should warm up for five minutes. For the first five minutes, slowly try to increase your heart rate. At the end of your work out session you should perform a cool-down period. For five minutes you should attempt to slowly slow down your heart rate.

There are many different types of cardio activities available for you. Some of the common ones are running, swimming, biking, hiking, and skiing. Choose one or several exercises. Some people like to bike and run to keep from getting bored of just one exercise.

If you are one to frequent a gym, then you have a wide variety of cardiovascular machines to choose from. Most machines will display how far you traveled, your heart rate, how man calories you burned and the length of time spent on the machine. The machines are a great way to get a full cardio workout without having to get out in the extreme hot or cold weather.

During your cardio workout, you should periodically take your pulse. Ideally, your pulse should be no more than 70% of your maximum heart rate. To calculate your target heart rate, subtract your age from 220 and multiply it by .70. This is your target heart rate. You should periodically check your heart rate to ensure you are exercising effectively.

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