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 "How To Loose Your Love Handles"

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Loosing Your Love Handles

As men and women age, they tend pack on the weight and the fat in certain areas of their bodies. One of those areas is the side of the waist and is known as the “love handles”. More men than women are susceptible to these love handles, which is a rather depressing biological reality. It’s even more depressing for men to learn that fat cells are, unfortunately, permanent; one you’ve’ got them, they stick around for life. Yet they can be reduced, however, and this is the goal of everyone who wants to loose those love handles (which could also be called hate handles!).

Many times people run into problems as they try to get rid of those annoying love handles. Sometimes they start full steam ahead only to find that after a couple of weeks of intensive exercise, they no longer have the stamina to continue. This result can often arise from a combination of “too much at once” mixed with “lack of quick results”.

Seriously: when it comes to losing love handles, you’ll have to be consistent over a long period of time. Fat deposits take time to tone down, and your love handles are one of the most concentrated deposits of fat that can be found on the body.

Another problem that can arise when it comes to getting rid of those love handles is not doing the right exercise for what you want to accomplish. The side of your body takes special exercises to work the right muscles in an effective manner. Consult with a fitness trainer so that you can be sure that you’re working the right muscles to lose those love handles.

There are some exercises that are more effective than others when it comes to losing the love handles:

  • Set regular workout times for yourself. Those love handles aren’t going to disappear overnight, and regular workouts will help you maintain the schedule that you need to battle your fat deposits.
  • Burn more fat and calories. To lose those love handles you’re going to have to concentrate on the fat deposits in your body. And this means burning fat and calories by doing low-intensity aerobics such as walking on a treadmill or riding a stationary bike.
  • Work your ab muscles to lose your love handles. Concentrate on strengthening the muscles in your stomach so that this area of your body becomes stronger and more toned.
  • Measure your waist no more than once a month. You’ll lose those love handles over time but if you constantly take your measurements you’ll be setting yourself up for failure.

With determination and patience your love handles will soon be gone if you follow a solid exercise program as outlined above.

Each year new methods of exercise and fat burning are appearing on the market and in fitness centers around the country. It’s important that you not jump on the band wagon of every new fitness craze that comes along. Your goal should be to define those problems that you feel you can correct in your body shape and weight and focus on what works best for you.

Not everyone is going to benefit from an ab workout that uses weights in the gym. When it comes to losing those love handles you need to find a fine balance between exercise and diet that is going to work for your own lifestyle and needs. Eventually, with determination and some hard, smart work, those love handles will be gone and you’ll be proud to show off your midriff once again.

Drew Voight

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