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Got Big Feet?

You’ve heard it before haven't you?

The size of a man’s penis is directly related to his shoe size.

Freakishly tall men, football players and even insecure journalism students with abnormally large feet have lived and died by this claim since they were 13-year-olds, touting their shoe size as an indication of their manliness.

Or perhaps you’ve heard a man’s penis is the same length as the distance between the bottom of his palm and the tip of his middle finger. Other rumors suggest the size of your nose can indicate penis size.

Penis Size Research

According to the article “Can Shoe Size Predict Penile Length” in a 2002 edition of the British Journal of Urology International, the association between penile length and shoe size has no scientific basis.

Small-footed men rejoice! No longer must you buy tennis shoes three sizes too large, only to stuff a sock in the toe so the shoes will fit. You can walk with confidence knowing you don’t wear your penis size on your shoes.

Researchers conducted this study at a research facility in England, comparing the lengths of over 100 men’s penises and their shoe sizes. The subject matter of the study might be amusing, but the researchers handled the study with great sincerity. They even accounted for “environmental influences.” (Guy translation: shrinkage.)

According to the study, “The measurements were made immediately after the men undressed to minimize the effects of temperature.” If only everyone in your locker room was as understanding ... right?

Dennis Dailey, professor of social welfare, says the average penis size study results are correct and the myths surrounding penis size and the sizes of other body parts are loads of crap. He says these urban legends derive from a disorder almost all men suffer from – male sexual insecurity.

Big Man on Campus

A 2002 study in Psychosomatics journal says American college students are almost twice more likely to have body image problems than their European counterparts. Penis size was one of the top concerns for college-age men. The study says these problems can lead to depression, anxiety and even obsessive-compulsive disorder.

It’s puzzling why men arbitrarily assign the measure of their manhood to their twigs and berries. One answer is that we live in a sexually repressive society that keeps us from obtaining enough correct information about sexuality, says Dailey.

Penis size means little when it comes to sex. In other words, it’s not the size of the boat that counts: It’s the motion of the ocean. Dailey says only 25 percent of women experience orgasm through sexual intercourse. The ineffectiveness of men is not because of the size of their penises, it's because of their sexual performance techniques.

Think of the penis as a Pontiac Aztek — it’s poorly designed and hardly ever gets you to where you want to be in style.

There may not be tangible reason why these rumors exist, but one thing is for certain: size isn’t everything. In fact, it’s really not much of anything. Instead about worrying about the size of your penis, pay more attention to your partner.

In her world, a big penis is not as important as a big O.

Drew Voight

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