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Causes of Penis Size

Penis size is controlled primarily by two factors:

The suspensory ligament that keeps your penis attached to the pubic bone


The erectile tissue of the penis that fills with blood

Your penis length is primarily controlled by the length of the suspensory ligament. Your penis width, also called "girth" is primarily controlled by the amount of blood the erectile tissues can hold.

Both of these controlling factors can be modified with exercise leading to increased penis size. Although to varying degrees. The ability of natural penis enlargement exercises to increase a man's length and width is an individual factor. In other words, men's bodies (and their penis size) will not respond exactly the same.

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    However, one point is clear, The erectile tissue and the suspensory ligament, need to be enlarged in tandem using the appropriate exercises to achieve significant gains in length, girth and penis size.

    There are two methods in which you can achieve increased penis length by modifying the suspensory ligament

    The first method to increased penis size is a surgical operation on the suspensory ligament of the penis. An incision is made just above the base of the penis and the ligament is cut from the pubic bone. Then it is required that you to hang weights from your penis for up to a year so the ligament won’t re-attach itself to the bone

    A second surgery is usually required to add girth to the penis so it doesn’t look too thin. After this procedure is completed, your penis is "technically" longer, because it has been unanchored from the pubic bone. Following the surgery erections sometimes are unstable (which is rare).

    The second method to increase penis size, is permanent as well. This method involves performing penis enlargement exercises that, with time and persistence, stretches the ligament to allow the penis to release to its maximum potential length. It seems and appears this method gives a "true" added length, not just the appearance of length that you get from surgery.

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    Always keep in mind, the suspensory ligament is attached to your pubic bone and runs into the penis. This ligament has a pre-determined length, when you become erect the penis fills with blood and expands. After filling with blood, the penis ‘hits the wall’ of further expansion because the suspensory ligament has been stretched as far as it will go.

    Contrary to popular belief, ligamentous tissue is pliable and not static in it's length. Ligamentous "flex", "stretch", "give" and "elastic deformation capabilities" rely simply upon the quality and quantity of the microscopic elastic fibers comprising the ligament in question that needs to be longer.

    In conclusion, ligamentous tissue can be stretched but it must be done properly. Inproper stretch techniques will result in ligamentous injury which inevitably results in a surgical conclusion in the pursuit of penis size.

    Drew Voight

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