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Causes of Low Libido

"How low can you go ... how low can you go!"

While those words might be appropriate at your next caribbean themed party while you limbo underneath a flaming stick ... it's not appropriate when it comes to your libido.

Men are supposed to be raving sexual maniacs, so when the sex drive is not there, it may cause a little concern.

However, low libido is more common than you think and may be caused by a number of reasons.

Causes of low libido typically fall into one of three categories: medical, emotional, or environmental.

Medical Causes of Low Libido

There are several medical conditions that may result in a low libido. One of the most common is a low level of testosterone in the body. Because testosterone is basically “sexual fuel”, a lack of it results in the engine sputtering. Treatment for this condition could be as simple as taking testosterone replacement therapy.

Other medical conditions that may cause a low libido are diabetes, Parkinson’s disease, neurological disorders, anemia, chronic pain, or cardiovascular disease. Not feeling up to par physically often results in a low sex drive. Likewise, if you have a painful condition, sex may be the last thing on your mind.

Emotional Causes of Low Libido

Most men do not consider themselves emotional creatures. However, men have emotions, too; they just cover them up with beer, hot wings, and football jerseys.

Depression is often a reason for a low libido and is sometimes overlooked in men because they are less likely to consider the possibility of it being a factor. Also, unresolved relationship issues could be at fault. This could be as severe as infidelity or as simple as that she made you do the dishes. Anger or resentment often surface in other ways when you mentally suppress them; this could very well be the cause of a low libido.

Environmental Causes of Low Libido

Perhaps the most common causes of a low libido stem from environmental factors. These are things that are going on in your life or things you are subjecting your body to that cause a decreased sex drive. Stress falls into this category and is a very common cause of low libido, as is a lack of sleep.

Other factors included could be alcohol or drug consumption. Most guys know alcohol can mess with your sexual ability, but certain drugs or medications can have the same effect. Antidepressants are one of the most common prescriptions that can affect your sex drive. Whenever you are given a prescription, ask your doctor about the side effects. If you take over-the-counter medication or other drugs, you should consider these as potential causes if you have a low libido.

In general, aspects of your life which make you feel poorly, either mentally or physically, often cause a low libido. If you are struggling with this issue, these are the first places to look.

You may also consider when the lack of drive began and consider what may have changed in your life at that time. If you are still at a loss, consider seeing a doctor for treatment options.

Drew Voight

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