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Increasing Free Testosterone

What do trial lawyers, masculine women, violent criminals, hell-raising frat boys, German soccer fans and battle-hardened Marines have in common?

Close-cropped haircuts right? Wrong.

Actually it's high levels of free testosterone. Jim Dabbs PhD, a social psychologist at Georgia State University discovered all of the above groups were frothing with the male hormone testosterone. In fact saliva tests revealed most of them had testosterone levels 10%-20% above average.

Interestingly, this quirk of biology gave these men (and women) three distinct characteristics:

  • They were agressive
  • They were bold
  • They were focused

Adrian Dobbs, M.D. of Johns Hopkins University stated clearly..."Having a normal testosterone level is critical for maintaining lean muscle mass, sexual potency and cognitive function". Ken Goldberg M.D. of the Male Health Center in Dallas states between 8-12 million men have low or borderline low testosterone levels and 95% of them don't know it.

Now don't think just because your under 30 years of age you're invincible. Research shows that Men in their late 20's have decreased testosterone levels.

Testosterone levels are at their highest normally during a manís early twenties and naturally decline with age, gradually declining to about 20% of their maximum. While you are almost assured to have diminished testosterone at an advanced age, a number of other factors are now known to accelerate testosterone loss at early ages. Stress, physical inactivity, excessive training, illness, smoking, alcohol and the use of both prescription and "recreational" drugs, can contribute to less than ideal levels of testosterone. All of these things are pervasive in our society and have contributed to the onset of the low testosterone syndrome.

Damn. I thought I was safe. I guess I better put down my glazed donught, get off the couch and do some pushups or something...

Until now, the only reliable way to restore normal testosterone has been through prescription testosterone medications. However, these treatments typically include the use of irritating and unconcealed patches, painful injections, surgical implants or toxic pills.

But guess what I discovered? Restoring testosterone to a normal level is painless and once you do, you'll ...

  • Increase your muscle mass
  • Enhance your ability to burn fat.
  • Improve your libido and sexual performance
  • Improve your ability to cope with stress.
  • Improve your memory, concentration and visual acuity
  • Protect you from heart disease
  • Protect your prostate

Testosterone can be increased. I'll tell you how in my next report...I feel like I'd better go jog or something

Sam Fields

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